THE ROMMEL GAMBIT is a story about the French Resistance shortly before D-Day. The central character is a female resistance fighter with great emotional depth.

Featuring a lengthy account and depiction of the infamous Vel d’Hiv Roundup, THE ROMMEL GAMBIT is inspired by true events.

LOGLINE: Shortly before D-Day an American spy plants false intelligence to convince the SS that Erwin Rommel, in charge of Nazi defenses against the upcoming invasion, can’t be trusted. 


WINNER, Big Apple Film Festival, 2022

Quarter-Finalist, Nicholl Fellowship, 2022

Official selection "The Best of Stage 32", top 1% of all scripts. Double Recommended: Recommend Writer/Recommend Script.

Coverfly Top 1%, Coverfly Red List

Semi-Finalist, PAGE Awards, 2022

Top 100, Table Read My Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Screencraft Action/Adventure Competition