LOGLINE: Shortly before D-Day an American spy plants false intelligence to convince Hitler that Erwin Rommel, in charge of Nazi defenses against the upcoming invasion, is a traitor. 

In 1944, U.S. Army Captain Remy Toussaint is given a nearly impossible assignment: parachute behind enemy lines and plant false intelligence to make the SS believe that Hitler’s most brilliant general, Erwin Rommel, in charge of European defenses, is a traitor. If successful, Hitler will disregard Rommel’s advice, seriously weakening Nazi defenses. But Remy is warned that his contact in the French Resistance, the beautiful but ruthless Marie Baudin, may be a double agent. The story is inspired by true events.


WINNER, Big Apple Film Festival, 2022

Quarter-Finalist, Nicholl Fellowship, 2022

Official selection "The Best of Stage 32", top 1% of all scripts. Double Recommended: Recommend Writer/Recommend Script.

Coverfly Top 1%, Coverfly Red List

Semi-Finalist, PAGE Awards, 2022

Top 100, Table Read My Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Screencraft Action/Adventure Competition