LOGLINE: Shortly before D-Day an American spy plants false intelligence to convince Hitler that the trusted general in charge of Nazi defenses against the invasion is a traitor.

In 1944, U.S. Army Captain Remy Toussaint is given a nearly impossible assignment: parachute behind enemy lines and plant false intelligence to make the SS believe that Hitler’s most brilliant general, Erwin Rommel, in charge of European defenses, is a traitor. If successful, Hitler will disregard Rommel’s advice, seriously weakening Nazi defenses. But Remy is warned that his contact in the French Resistance, the beautiful but ruthless Marie Baudin, may be a double agent. The story is inspired by true events.


WINNER, Big Apple Film Festival, 2022

Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2023

Quarter-Finalist -- top 6% out of 5500 entries, Nicholl Fellowship, 2022

Official selection "The Best of Stage 32", top 1% of all scripts. Double Recommended: Recommend Writer/Recommend Script.

Coverfly Top 1%, Coverfly Red List

Official Selection Military Story Showcase, 2024

Semi-Finalist, Outstanding Screenplays Feature Competition, 2024

Semi-Finalist, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices, 2024

Semi-Finalist, Stage 32 Screenwriters Drama Competition, 2023

Semi-Finalist, PAGE Awards, 2022

Top 100, Table Read My Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, 2021

Semi-Finalist, Screencraft Action/Adventure Competition

Reviews & Press

“The Rommel Gambit” was a very well told story that worked. The story itself was strong and a nice job was done of setting it up quickly and then getting into the action. The actual storytelling was even better. [The Nicholl Fellowship; top 6%]

The two lead characters are well-written, strong, likable characters that the audience can connect to. Their struggle to do the right thing in the face of such insurmountable evil rings true with the reader, especially in the current political climate. Their arc throughout the story is touching and the ending scene is absolutely lovely. [The Black List]

“The Rommel Gambit” . . . sets itself apart from its peers. [Stage 32; double recommend]