John’s first screenplay, THE AMEN SISTERHOOD, received the prestigious Humanitas New Voices Award. The Humanitas award recognizes new work that inspires more compassion, peace, love and dignity in the human family.

Working with his Humanitas mentor, the internationally renowned filmmaker Ligiah Villalobos, John has created, in SISTERHOOD, the story of five women fighting to drive the drug dealers out of their inner-city neighborhood.

LOGLINE: Five Black women band together to stop a gang from openly selling drugs in the courtyard of their housing project, risking their lives to save their children.

Vonda Grimes is fed up. It’s 1994. In a mid-sized Rust Belt city, crack is openly sold in the courtyard of her housing project. When one dealer tries to recruit her 12-year-old son, Vonda and her friends swing into action. Facing an indifferent mayor and an overwhelmed police force, the women gain the attention of a reporter, who exposes the drug trade. But an impending gang war and the upcoming mayoral election complicate their efforts. And even if successful, will their achievement be short-lived? Or cost free? THE AMEN SISTERHOOD is the story of five women risking their lives to protect their children.

  • WINNER, Humanitas New Voices Award
  • Top 1% of all screenplays, "The Best of Stage 32", 2022
  • Top 1% of all screenplays, Coverfly, 2022
  • Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices Competition, 2020
  • Finalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2020
  • Finalist, Launch Pad Feature Competition, 2019

Reviews & Press

. . . extremely strong dramatic stakes and a plot that cruises along. . . . Overall, this is a tough read emotionally but a really compelling one. [The Black List]

. . . a strong female protagonist (in) a role traditionally filled by a male character. It’s beyond refreshing to see this. . . [Stage 32, double recommend]

The writer has crafted an incredibly compelling lead in Vonda. [ISA]

The story is inspiring and powerful . . . . The script is well-written, with clear, concise and vivid descriptions that allow the reader to immerse themselves in the story and its environment. [We Screenplay Diverse Voices, Finalist]

. . . this is a script that is well structured and holds the reader’s attention from start to finish. [Stage 32]