John’s first screenplay, THE AMEN SISTERHOOD, received the prestigious 2020 Humanitas New Voices Award. Established in 2010, the Humanitas award recognizes new work that inspires more compassion, peace, love and dignity in the human family.

Working with his Humanitas mentor, the internationally renowned filmmaker Ligiah Villalobos, John has created, in SISTERHOOD, the story of five women fighting to drive the drug dealers out of their inner-city neighborhood.

Logline: Five Black women fight to stop a gang from openly selling drugs in the courtyard of their housing project. Despite indifference from the mayor and an overwhelmed police force, they achieve some success—but at a dreadful cost.


  • Winner, Humanitas New Voices Award
  • Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices Competition, 2020
  • Finalist, Big Apple Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 2020
  • Finalist, Launch Pad Feature Competition, 2019